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john spletzer


I'm a roboticist.  It's something I'm passionate about.

I've been working in the field for over 20 years now.  My primary expertise is developing perception and planning solutions for mobile robots.  I've worked on a range of projects, to include autonomous cars, automated guided vehicles, construction vehicles, large-scale localization and mapping systems, robot boats, smart wheelchairs, and unmanned aerial vehicles to name a few.  You can find my handiwork in a range of conference and journal publications, as well as in deployed robots operating every day in the real world.  

I received my PhD in CIS from the GRASP Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania.


I've worked in government as a test engineer for the U.S. Army, and in academia as an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Lehigh University.  I've tried my hand at entrepreneurship as
Co-Founder and CTO of Box Robotics, and have
also advised several startups, including Augean Robotics.  I currently work in industry as the Director of Perception at  Seegrid.

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